Venture capital and institutional financing reserved for buyouts, bridge loans, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions and mezzanine capital for companies raising a final round funding.





Companies that fit our investment criteria, have demonstrated the ability to gain and control a large percent of their industries market share, can show how their product is different from their competitors and why the consumer needs it in order to survive, already has a solid management team in place and will be able to provide information on what they are going to do with the capital and updates on what it is being used for once it has been received.

After the due diligence process and once we are invested, Red Ocean Investments will not let a business fail.

We use our limitless amount of resources and venture funding to make sure that each of our partners meet their goals and milestones proposed in the operating agreement. This is a one of a kind multi-family office, there are none like it and there will never be one like it.